Diamantboor 878K torpedo taps #5 Turbo Laser


Torpedo tapered / conical # 5

To be used for:
Crown preparation

Drill type:
Komet number: 878K
ISO number: 298
Shape: Torpedo tapered / conical # 5
Two layers REAL diamond
FG 314 standard

Packed per 2 pieces

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Diamond drill 878K torpedo taper # 5 Turbo Laser with two layers of natural (REAL) diamond. TURBO LASER

The Turbo Laser drills have proven to take more power than regular drills, almost double the amount . These Turbo Laser drills do not damage the pulp either, the so-called ‘cool grinding’ . Much better control during preparation.

Dental drills are essential in practice and the longer they last, the more pleasant it is. In addition, they must also wipe off properly and you must feel that you have optimal control over this. For this, the dental drills must be sharp, not chop and wear evenly.
This can be done with drills where the diamond cut is evenly distributed over the drill and the particles have an unequal size. This is especially the case with the drills with 3 layers of diamond.

Devemed has diamond drills with 2-layers or 3-layers in its range of excellent quality. These will last longer than any other drill on the market .

Diamond drill 878K torpedo taper # 5 Turbo Laser

These drills are coated with natural diamond (so real diamond!) In two layers. The drills with three layers of diamond have particles that are different in size, so they last longer and cut more evenly. This also ensures that you can sharpen much more controlled and precise . Look here for the drills with three layers of diamond.

Assortment of drills

With all variants included, there are over 1,300 dental drills to choose from. In addition, many different shapes and models and in five different grit versions. All these options are clearly stated as well as the ISO number. Use the search function to easily order the right drill.

Download the brochure for the entire range here [/ su_button]

Explanation ISO numbering:

ISO No. 806 314 001 524 008
Respectively: Material | Shaft | Shape | Grit | Largest dimension of work part

In this example:
806 Diamond
314 FG standard
001 Sphere
524 Medium
008 0.8mm

Explanation of color coding

Yellow: Super fine (ISO 504)
Red: Fine (ISO 514)
Blue: Medium (ISO 524)
Green: Coarse (ISO 534)
Black: Extra coarse (ISO 544)

All in all, this is the most beautiful and best overview of dental drills on the Dutch market.

Diamond drill 878K torpedo taper # 5 Turbo Laser

Extra informatie

Komet nummer





Extra grof (zwart) ISO 544

Diameter in mm


Lengte in mm


ISO nummer


Aantal diamant lagen

Twee lagen diamant

Type boor

FG Standaard (ISO 314)

Toepassing van de boor

Kroon prepareren

Overige selectie

Turbo laser


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